5 Benefits of Starting an Online Project Management Course

Sep 18, 2020 | Project Management

Throughout our lives, we complete several projects. From participating in science fairs and building treehouses to organizing events in your home or college, every project needs your attention. You must plan effectively, show good organization, do high-level thinking and display leadership.

What people don’t realize is that all these things relate directly to project management. The crazy part is that they dive in most everyday projects without getting any formalized project management training.

Although you can organize small projects with limited project management skills, for aspiring project managers is essential to get a foothold in the career. Project management training allows us to improve project management skills and become more competent, efficient, and prudent.

Whether you want to pursue a career in project management or not, the benefits of completing online project management certification can positively impact your success in both your professional and personal life.

Accomplish Goals Faster

Project management is the process of turning your ideas and goals into reality. It allows you to learn processionals plan, prioritize, budget, and execute projects. By beginning with an online project management course, you can make a difference in your professional and personal life.

Setting goals without concrete plans set you up for hours, weeks, and in some cases, even months of busywork. However, by approaching goals in the same manner as project managers do, you can follow actionable steps to achieve your goals, prioritize things that matter by foreseeing future challenges.

Earn Recognition

PM professionals are high in demand. As PM oriented jobs continue to increase, there will be a growing need for skilled PM workers. Choosing project management as a career puts you ahead of the curve and opens significant opportunities for you.

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By 2027, businesses will may 87.7 million project management roles vacant worldwide. This means that the US alone will have 8.8 million positions vacant in the coming years. For someone who wants a lucrative career with significant growth opportunities, project management is one of the best fields available for professionals.

Step into a Career with Better Chances of Growth

Project Management is a field that promises high monetary compensation for work. PM professionals are prized for their expertise and shine in complex scenarios. They know how to handle and resolve difficult situations effectively.

The 10th Edition of Project Management Salary Survey reports that the annualized median salary of project managers in the US alone is $120,000. Moreover, managers who clear the PMI’s PMP exam are eligible for even higher salaries.

The same report found that 26% of survey participants enjoyed an increment of at least 5% in the last year, which is extraordinary. When asked about the total salary of participants, it was found that the certified project managers earned 25% higher compensation after earning their certification.

Improve Communication

To be a successful project manager, you also need to be an excellent communicator. According to research, ineffective communication is the primary reason why projects fail. This is why your ability to understand and articulate customer needs plays a crucial role in making projects successful.

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Before you attempt the PMP exam, you need to go through 35 hours of training to be eligible. During this training, instructors teach aspiring PMP candidates helpful techniques that improve their communication skills. Although on-job training helps you to improve your communication, the training provided by a certified PMI trainer will help you master the art of communication.

Estimate Projects Effectively

Various factors influence the outcome of a project. People unfamiliar with these factors get disoriented because of these unknown factors, making it difficult for them to identify projects that yield the most profits.

Project managers use upfront planning and estimation as crucial determinants to identify the likelihood of long-term project success. Estimation techniques taught to project managers give them a consistent way of estimating project resources and expenditures in the business workflow.

Using these project estimation techniques, a project manager helps you understand the impact of a project on resource capability, as well as the effect it has financially on the business’s operating budgets.

Project estimation can also help businesses standardize the way sales teams interact with customers and arrange quotations for specific projects. As a result, target estimation has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and productivity, while increasing the number of projects delivered on time and in the budget.

Making Most of Resource Capability

Resource Capability Planning is one of the key responsibilities of a project manager. The project manager needs to analyze the impact of certain projects and services on the business’s resource capability in real-time.

This helps the business achieve greater efficiency since project managers can identify which resources are currently available for a given project. Doing so helps businesses minimize resource wastage, making it easier to distribute resources appropriately to projects that need them the most.

Not only does a project manager keep track of all available resources, but it also helps you sustain your business and contribute to the quality of the products you deliver. Effective management of resource capabilities enables businesses to meet customer expectations, enhance business productivity, and minimize costs.

Although it appears to be simple, resource capability planning plays a critical role in providing a clear and consistent representation of the business’s potential, making it easier for owners to plan business growth. Therefore, any person pursuing an online project management course can  better understand how to handle his or her business.

Project management can help us improve both professionally and personally.  Project Vanguard provides high-quality project management online courses to help understand the building blocks of project management. It’s difficult to fill a project manager’s role, but with the right guidance and training, you can boost your management skills and apply project management techniques to expand your business’s growth.

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