5 Reasons Why You Should Become a PM This New Year

Dec 31, 2018 | Project Management

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As we near the end of the year, it’s natural to start questioning what changes need to be made. Sometimes, we decided the changes are minor such as adding a veggie to our diet or taking the trash out without being begged. Othertimes, we take a big step back and decide that we need to make a change our careers.

Regardless of what changes you decide to make 2019, making improvements is a good thing. However, it’s all too often that change is easier said than done.

So, chances are that you’re trying to set some goals and make plans for the next couple of months. Well, you came to the right place I wanna help you out.

Have you ever heard of a career option called project manager? Chances are you have. Project managers exist in every industry! So… why is that so exciting? Well, there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t even have to change the industry that you’re already familiar with in order to become one.

In addition to being available in just about every industry, project managers make around $100000 a year.

So, the pays great and jobs can be found in just about everwhere, but could a carer as a project manager really be right for you?

Well, is there anything you’d like to do next year to accomplish more or to improve your performance? I sure hope so! As a PM you’ll be asking that question a lot.

Anyways, here are 5 more reasons you should conider a career as a PM:

1. High Demand: PM professionals are high in demand, across all indystries as discussed earlier.

2. Compensation: PM professionals are drawing attractive compensations. A project Management Salary Survey report by PMI, annualized median salary of a PM Professional in USA is 120k!

3. Flexibility: PMs work usually work on a single project at a time, but usually get the flexibility of where and when they work.

4. Important: Project manager act as a catalyst of change. They work closely with others to create more effective and efficient workflows.

5. Learning opportunity: PM role offers you opportunities to learn something new each day. Project managers retain their vivid set of knowledge. And exchange them to the organization & people to ascertain continuous success. They know – how to capture and manage the knowledge to drive future projects with success.

So, now that you see how being a project manager is an asset to the organizations they work with are you interested? Well, we hope so, but as long as you’re a good learner and willing to expose yourself to variety of learning opportunities, we know you will be.

Dont wait another year! Signup today at www.projectvanguards.com and start your career as a PM today!

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