6 Best Time Management Tools for Managing Remote Work More Effectively in 2020

Jul 24, 2020 | Project Management

As companies across adopt social distancing measures, remote work is increasingly becoming the norm. Although this change has been convenient for many employees, others have been struggling to manage their time and work effectively at home.

Project managers are given countless responsibilities, and unless they spend their time efficiently, it eventually affects the success of the project they’re leading. For this reason, we have compiled a list of six feature-rich time management tools that help you manage remote work more effectively in 2020.


ProofHub provides project managers with a comprehensive set of tools for managing remote tasks efficiently. Using special features such as tasks, project reports, timesheets, file proofing, project progress, and many more, you can easily keep track of important tasks.

ProofHub also provides you useful tools to manage yours and your team’s time effectively with the help of alerts and timers. You can analyze where your team is spending their time and how many billable hours the project has. Moreover, project managers can also check if their team members keep track of the time they spend on specific tasks.

How ProofHub Helps Manage Time for Remote Project Managers

· Export timesheets and use them for client invoicing, payroll, estimation, and even time management

· Archive timesheets from the Time section and use them later whenever required

· Set time estimates to see how much time it should take to get work done

· See time data for all projects, billable or non-billable, project progress

· Limit visibility of timesheets only to the people you want to share with

· Enter hours it took to get work done

· Add multiple timesheets to record time data

· Record the time it takes to get work done using timers

· Create custom time reports of people and projects


Hubstaff offers specialized employee time tracking software to all project managers. Using this tool, project managers can closely monitor how many work hours each team member spends on every project and task. Team members can time-in when they start a task, record their time, and track how much time it took to complete it.

How Hubstaff Helps Manage Time for Remote Project Managers

· Streamlines process for managing teams and payments

· Smart web, desktop, and mobile apps

· Feature-rich dashboard for easy team management

· Focus more on completing work than tracking it

· Record time on the road with mobile-based time tracking


Project managers handling freelance team members need a system where they can track task time accurately, create professional invoices, or monitor labor costs effectively. Harvest provides you all the right tools to track time for such projects. Available as a web console as well as a mobile app, it helps project managers to time each task and estimates the cost of projects efficiently.

How Harvest Helps Manage Time for Remote Project Managers

· Help fix time tracking mistakes right from the reports

· Integrates with the apps you already use

· Allows you to track expenses is easily

· Start and stop timers as you work through your to-do list

· Review and approve timesheets for your team weekly


Toggl is a fully-dedicated time management tool that allows project managers to track time flexibly. You can use it to track work hours and with the help of multi-device support. The tool will help you generate automated reports and time usage graphs.

However, you can also export time logs in the form of Excel spreadsheets publicly share report links with clients for greater transparency. Likewise, the tool sends project managers internal weekly reports through email to help them analyze how well members are utilizing their time.

How Toggl Helps Manage Time for Remote Project Managers

· Unlimited projects for accurate time tracking

· Reports featuring team progress

· A day-by-day breakdown of tasks and workflow

· Online and offline time tracking

· A useful overview of time spent

· One-click time tracking

· Shareable reports

· Reports featuring team progress

· Assign billable rates to your task


Time management tools are not the only way to manage time effectively, project managers can save significant using automation tools like Zapier. Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect two or more different apps and automate repetitive tasks.

With just a few clicks, you can connect and automate several mobile and web applications. As long as your favorite app is a part of “Zaps” (integrations), you can create your workflow and save time extensively.

How Zapier Helps Manage Time for Remote Project Managers

· Sync with Google Calendar

· Publically share apps

· Set up triggers and actions

· Automate repetitive tasks

Focus Booster

Focus booster is a brilliant way to limit your distractions and make the most of your time. The majority of interruptions and delays in remote work originate from minor distractions that end up taking most of your time.

The tool helps you prevent procrastination by allowing you to work in short, sharp bursts. This not only allows you to make most of your time but also helps you maintain a productive routine.

How Focus Booster Helps Manage Time for Remote Project Managers

· Work in short sharp bursts followed by short breaks, to be most effective

· Know when your next break is with top mini timer

· Record your sessions and your timesheets will be created

· Quick and easy reporting to share reports or use them to create invoices in seconds

It is difficult to remain punctual in the comfort of your home. Amidst social restrictions and lockdowns, project managers must display a greater level of efficiency as they do in the office to manage project resources effectively. By using time management tools listed above, you can do your job a lot easier and deliver projects within available budgets and tight deadlines.

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