Best Task Management Software for Project Managers in 2020

Mar 13, 2020 | Project Management

Task management software plays a crucial role in making a project manager’s job easier. It allows you to handle various tasks simultaneously and keep track of project progress. At the same time, it sends reminders about tasks that need your immediate attention. Needless to say, these tools are invaluable, especially when you have multiple clients, priorities, and deadlines to deal with.

However, with so many options available in the market, it can be hard to find the best task management software for project managers. In this article, we discuss the top five task management software for project managers in 2020. is an exciting and feature-packed task management tool for project managers.  The tool is geared towards business teams and enables them to enhance productivity and optimize team efficiency.

Using this tool, project managers can pay closer attention to the tasks carried out by their teams, view the overall progress of different projects and delegate new responsibilities to team members. The app also lets project managers share files with their teams, generate comprehensive tasks and to-do lists and communicate with other colleagues.

At the same time, the software provides users with excellent insight into individual projects. You can customize each project to add specific details, such as prioritization, project timelines, and owner status.

For communication, the tool gives users a built-in chat function. You can use this feature to communicate and discuss updates with your team members, cross-functional colleagues, and groups.

In terms of design, is intuitive and easy-to-use. Since the tool has features such as calendar, it is easy to track down tasks and deadlines at a single place. The application also encrypts internal app data to keep it secure. Besides that, security features, such as single sign-on, audit logs, and two-factor authentication, ensure that your project information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Key Features

· Modern user interface

· Highly customizable

· Time Tracking

· Team collaborations

· Offers in-app automation.

· Features templates

· Powerful data manipulation and exporting tools

· Integrated solution

· Easy-to-use


· Difficult to get used to in the beginning

· The number of features can be overwhelming for some users

· Requires a huge learning curve

· Expensive

· 14-day trial is insufficient


Trello is an excellent option for project teams looking to make most of the Kanban paradigm in project management. It contains projects that are represented with separate boards. Each one of these boards has lists and cards that users can drag and drop easily. This way, project managers can monitor and track the progress of each task individually and reflect the flow of each task from idea to execution.

Users also have the option to assign cards containing projects or tasks to specific teams. Furthermore, these cards can hold a number of items, including attachments, pending due dates, comments, and checklists. Lastly, you can sync each of these things with your calendar easily.

Key Features

· Visual progress of impending tasks

· Simple access

· Horizontal design

· Task calendar

· Seamless integration


· Can become cluttered if you add too many cards

· Lacks time tracking

· Lacks estimate functionality

· Doesn’t provide an overall overview


Basecamp is a project management tool optimized for handling small projects effectively. The tool is easy to use and simplifies project planning and completion.

Within Basecamp, there are various different tools for facilitating project managers. These functionalities include a range of features, such as a chat room, message board, calendar, and scheduler, as well as libraries for documents and files.

You can improve project communication and efficiency with the help of tools provided by Basecamp. Every feature from message boards and check-in messages to internal group chats and direct messages facilitates project communication within your team.

Key Features

· Simple interface

· Quick setup

· Enhanced communication features

· Automatic check-ins

· Easy to use

· Centralized communication traffic


· Lacks time tracking and reporting

· No tags

· Lacks project milestones and Gantt charts


Asana is a web-based software tool optimized for efficient task management. It enables easy collaboration among project management teams. At the same time, it allows team members to manage their projects and tasks online without using their emails.

Asana gives each team a workspace along with specific tasks for that particular workspace. The tool associates each task with teams and users. Therefore, whenever there is a change or update for a particular task, all the concerned followers will be updated automatically.   

It provides significant features for task tracking. The easy-to-use interface allows you to add, delete, and modify tasks effortlessly. Furthermore, features such as recurring tasks and calendar sync enable project managers to automate reminders for all the routine tasks.

Key Features

· Limits the need for emails

· Calendar sync

· Extremely customizable

· Set recurring tasks


· Lacks multi-person tasks

· User-interface can slow down when several tasks and documents are open

· Entirely text-based interface

· No feature for time-tracking and providing estimates


TeamWork provides project managers with a lean and intuitive user experience, which makes task management easier. The tool is very similar to Basecamp, but offers various additional features for users.

For instance, TeamWork provides in-built analytics to all project managers and makes user collaboration a lot easier. At the same time, you can reach out to team members and users with the help of features like direct messages and share notes on projects.

The tool also allows project managers to assign tags, prioritize tasks, create milestones for team members and generate invoices for the finance department. Since TeamWork can be integrated with the help of email, you have to option to create and assign tasks through email.

Project Manager allows you to track progress and boost productivity with collaborative tools such as sprints, burndown and kanban charts and of course task assignments, due dates and all the relevant information.

Project manager also, utilizes automated email alerts keep you and your team focused on what’s important. creating a lean and intuitive user experience, which makes task management easier. The tool is very similar to Basecamp, but offers various additional features for users.

The best part is that the tool also allows project managers to assign tags, prioritize tasks, create milestones for team members and generate invoices for the finance department all on the go (i.e. the mobile app is available). 

Key Features

  • Access your projects, whether in the office, at home or in the field
  • Secure your work with Single-Sign On from Google and Microsoft
  • Ensure your project plans are always up to date


· Requires serious attention to detail

· Has a moderate learning curve

· Lacks CRM and email management features

There are plenty of good task management software for project managers in the market. However, you should only use the ones that fit your organization’s needs the best.

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