Top 5 Time Management Tools for Project Managers in 2020

Feb 26, 2020 | Project Management

As a project manager, efficient time management is critical to your success. Effective time management can streamline how tasks are completed and make sure that you are always one step ahead of your planning.

Nevertheless, with so many responsibilities and multiple tasks to take care of, many project managers may struggle to manage their time effectively. In this article, we discuss the best time management tools for project managers in 2020.

Here are the top five time management tools for project managers.

1. Scoro

Scoro is an end-to-end business management solution that offers various features to optimize time management. It provides users with a single integrated platform for managing their entire project workflow.

The tool also has fully enhanced work and task scheduling features, which enable project managers to handle their daily tasks efficiently. Not only does it help project managers track tasks and collaborate conveniently, but it also allows them to send quotes and receive bills, interact with databases and CRM, and leverage advanced reporting and real-time dashboards.

Key Features

· Track both actual and billable time (for per-hour wages)

· Automates late invoice reminders

· Scheduled and recurring invoicing

· Email invoices to clients according to the hours dedicated to a project

· Various features for project, task, and client management

· Advance reporting on sales performance, budgets, and work

· Agile-driven

· Budget management features

· Client portal

· Collaboration tools

· Cost-to-completion tracking for projects

· Customizable templates

· Gantt charts

· Idea management

· Kanban Board

· Milestone tracking

· Portfolio management

· Resource management

· Time and expense tracking

2. Clarizen Go

Clarizen is an integrated cloud-based project management software with various features for enhancing time management. It lets project managers leverage a collaborative system that can support everything from small project teams to large enterprises.

However, Clarizen Go is a toned-down version of its enterprise counter-part and helps teams improve organizational alignment and streamline scheduling. The product is optimized for the agile methodology and gives project managers extensive visibility over projects.

With features like time tracking, issues tracking, real-time team updates and personalized calendars, the solution gives project managers all the necessary tools to manage their time effectively.

Key Features

· Options for scheduling unlimited projects

· Automated and repeatable processes, alerts and workflows

· Social collaboration

· Budget tracking

· Expense management

· Intuitive interface

· Easy to understand and configure

· Issue Tracking

· Project portfolio management

· Salesforce integration

· Personal calendars

· Project percentage completion reporting

· Real-time team updates

· Project Scheduling

· Gantt Chart

· Project Hierarchy

· Version Control

· Document Management

· Multi-currency

· Data import/export to MS projects

3. Toggl

Toggl is a fully-dedicated time management tool that allows project managers to track time in a flexible way. You don’t need to spend extra time watching tutorials and studying documentation. It has an intuitive interface and the software is extremely easy to get used to.

The cloud-based time-tracking software will give you an overview of the profitability and productivity of certain projects. You can use it to track work hours and with the help of multi-device support.

Not only can you generate automated reports and time usage graphs, but you can also export time logs in the form of Excel spreadsheets. At the same time, the tool shares public report links with clients for greater transparency and sends project managers internal weekly reports through email. Moreover, the extensive tool is available on various platforms and integrates with other invoicing and PM tools.

Key Features

· Unlimited projects for accurate time tracking

· Reports featuring team progress

· A day-by-day breakdown of tasks and workflow

· Discounts for large teams, students, and non-profits

· Free plan for teams of up to 5 users

· Online and offline time tracking

· Gantt Charts (and more)

· Complete reports

· A useful overview of time spent

· One-click time tracking

· Shareable reports

· Available both offline and online

4. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a useful time-tracking tool for project managers and is optimized for both small and large teams. It provides various features for advanced time tracking.

Project managers can utilize TimeCamp to retrieve detailed reports and accurate timesheets. Since you can keep track of the impending costs for each project, it’s easier to improve the profitability of your projects.

At the same time, you can track employee performance, and collaborate with both your clients and your team. The real-time tracking features keep you updated about all the recent project developments and give you centralized control over time management.

Key Features

· Timesheet management

· Automatic billable and non-billable time tracking

· Integrated payment getaway

· Lets you budget in terms of time or currency

· Advanced reporting

· Available for both desktop and mobile

· Automatic time capture

· Billing and invoicing

· Employee database integration

· Mobile Time Tracking

· Multiple Billing Rates

· Offline time tracking

· Calculation of overtime

· Leave Tracking

· Free Solo plan (one user)

5. Replicon

Replicon is a solution suite that enables users to maximize control over business process management. The tool has several features for time-tracking and does not require any training or complex setup to get started.

Replicon comes with flexible client management and billing features to improve the management of each project. You can configure multiple billing rates for different users, leverage budget and expense management and gains insights from analytics on time management. In short, it is ideal for large teams that require effective time management for all members.

Key Features

· Timesheet Management

· Advanced time tracking

· Multiple billing rates for different users

· Project budgeting and expense management

· Analytics on time usage

· Biometric Recognition

· Messaging

· Mobile Access

· Payroll Management

· Punch card (both online and offline)

· Salaried Employee Tracking

· Leave Tracking

· Workstation Tracking

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