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If you're looking for a class that is taught by way of simply checking off boxes, drudging through line item after line item, and handing you a certificate for completion credits once you regain consciousness, then we suggest you look elsewhere. Or if you're looking for a program that, metaphorically speaking, puts you face-to-face with a fire hydrant of bland information, and within 3 days blasts your brain with an overload of subject matter, then we are, once again, not the company you're looking for.

We take our work seriously. And any serious professional knows that nothing worthwhile simply falls into your lap. Nor does it possess the ability to smuggle it's way into our mind long enough to just barely pass a truly challenging exam, such as the PMP exam. You have to earn it. And the only way to do that is through hard work by both the student and the instructor. The effort required by the student is evidence of the PMP credential's value. The reason it's so valuable to both private industry and government entities, is because it immediately tells everyone that you are an internationally credentialed Project Manager, a serious professional, and a subject matter expert, worthy of their respect.