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    Course Description

    Our Classroom classes are taught in-person AND streamed live with cameras using Zoom Webinar®.

    Teach students everything they need to know in order to successfully take and pass the Project Management Professional, or PMP®, exam. This is achieved through group/team activities, real-world scenarios, practical applications, and neuroscience which coalesce through the standards created by the Project Management Institute, or PMI® (see

    Materials and Resources you will receive and have access to:


    • Andy Crowe’s PMP® Exam Prep Book Plus New Exam Agile Content
    • 100% Start-to-Finish Live assistance filling out & submitting Your PMP® Exam Application on
    • Free PDU’s for Life to maintain your credential(s)! (no joke – never pay to maintain any PMI® certification ever again!)
    • Join PMI® Study Group in the Vanguards Community (with smart device app downloadable)
    • Access to all Live Online PMP® Exam Prep Courses for Life
    • Attend Classes Mobile using the free Zoom® App
    • Access to Recorded Videos of All Classes for Life
    • Live Online Screen-sharing with Instructor with Virtual Whiteboard
    • Digital Copies of Course Materials on Day 1 of class
    • Physical Course Materials Mailed to Your Shipping Address entered at Checkout
    • Audiobooks of all Materials
    • Audio Clips to reinforce PMP® knowledge areas and processes to reinforce PMP® knowledge areas and processes
    • Over 2,000 Specific Practice Questions to help prepare you for the PMP® Exam
    • Simulator exams of cloned PMP® exam questions to gauge your progress and better prepare you for the exam
    • Smart slides-cards to help you remember key terminology
    • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) 7th Edition Plus New Exam Agile Content
    • Printed and Bound Course Material
    • Lifetime Vanguards Community and Membership Access & Global job-Finder
    • Digital Exam Quick Reference Sheet
    • PMI® Requirement of 35 Contact Hours
    • 24/7 Live Instructor Support/Access
    • We are always here to assist you, even AFTER you have your credential
    PMP® Exam Prep Composition PMI® ATP®

    Day 1: Intro to Course, Curriculum, Foundational Concepts/Definitions Plus New Exam Agile Content
    Day 2: Agile Approach
    Day 3: Integration & Scope Mgmt
    Day 4: Time Mgmt
    Day 5: Cost Mgmt
    Day 6: Quality Mgmt
    Day 7: Resource Mgmt
    Day 8: Communications Mgmt & Stakeholder Engagement
    Day 9: Risk Mgmt
    Day 10: Procurements Mgmt
    Day 11: Traditional, Hybrid, & Agile Approaches, Roles Delineations, Delegation & Responsibilities
    Day 12: How to Pass the PMP® Exam, Start-to-Finish PMP Exam Application Writing Assistance to Submission


    All Course Materials Used by Project Vanguards LLC are created by Authorized Training Partners under the Project Management Institute. Show Up To Class With Nothing – We’ll Provide EVERYTHING You’ll Need (paper, pen, etc.)!

    New PMP Exam Materials


    Also, and perhaps most importantly, if life happens and you need to refresh and refine your knowledge again, don’t worry, because you may audit (re-take) our PMP® Exam Prep class again indefinitely, for no additional charge. Once paid for, you may sit through as many public classes, in-person AND online, to earn FREE PDUs to maintain your credential (yes, you read that correctly). Our CEO believes that NO ONE should have to spend a fortune to maintain their credential, and this is a unique opportunity offered by no other organization in the world. There must be an open seat to allow this to happen (most likely we will have a seat for you). This is yet another incentive to taking our PMP® Exam Prep class.


    This class is also suitable for prospective CAPM® exam prep course takers.

    You do NOT have to be a full-time project manager to attain this credential, nor do you have to have many years of experience as a project manager. We teach professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, and 99.7% of our students who follow our curriculum passed their PMP® Exam on their FIRST try!

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    Full-time College/University Students* and Military Veterans** get a 10% rebate. This rebate only applies to individuals* and not groups. For a group discount, please call below.  Chapter 31 Veterans are Pre-Approved (read more)! 

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    Contact Hours: 35
    Includes: All materials
    # Seats: 20  First Come. First Serve.

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    You can also call us today toll-free at 1-888-503-7108 and pay over the phone! It’s that easy!

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    *Full-time College/University Students are those attending an accredited institution offering a minimum of an Associates Degree or equivalent or higher and are attending on a “full-time” basis as defined by accrediting agencies and the institution itself.

    **Military veteran rebates only apply to US Armed Forces Veterans who were not discharged dishonorably and are ultimately paying at their own expense. Rebates do not apply to Veterans who have another entity paying on their behalf (ex: Work, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Tuition Assistance, COOL Program, etc). Veterans must show a valid Military/Veteran ID (ex: Dept. of Veterans Affairs) and/or DD-214 w/ “Discharge Status” section visible and no redactions except first 5-digits of their SSN.

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    Contact Hours: 35
    Includes: All materials
    # Seats: 20  First Come. First Serve.

    FINANCING AVAILABLE (click to learn more)

    You can also call us today toll-free at 1-888-503-7108 and pay over the phone! It’s that easy!

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    Contact Hours: 35
    Includes: All materials
    # Seats: 20  First Come. First Serve.

    FINANCING AVAILABLE (click to learn more)


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    You can also call us today toll-free at 1-888-503-7108 and pay over the phone! It’s that easy!

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    Student Testimonials

    what some of our students had to say

    “I was one of Vanguard’s students for the PMP® prep course. The teaching style of the instructor was very engaging, and he used both great examples and also humor to help make the main points memorable. He went out of his way to make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful on the test. Most importantly, he helped me pass the PMP® exam on my first try!”

    Samuel Hutchins, PMP®

    Project Manager | Operations Manager

    “I took Vanguards’ PMP® class and they did a great job. The instructor taught with passion and commitment. He was engaging and keeps your interest the entire time. I followed his guidance, studied as he said, and I passed the PMP® exam on the first try.”


    Thomas A. Jones, PMP®

    Project Manager | Operations Manager

    “This course is everything that it is advertised to be. As long as you stick to the plan outlined by Vanguards, you’ll pass the PMP® exam on your first try. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about getting their PMP® certification. I also plan to take the Project Vanguards PMI-ACP® course”.

    Dr. Antonio Jones, PMP®, CASP, CEH

    Doctor of Business Administration

    $161,408 USD/yr*

    Median annual salary of a certified PMP® in the U.S. increases by 25% every two years (ex: 2018 – 2020 the median salary of a certified PMP® rose from $114,473 to $143,493).**

    2.2 Million

    New project-oriented roles will need to be filled annually through 2027.***

    *                                                                                                **Forbes Magazine, Website, 2020
    ***Project Management Institute, Job Growth & Talent Gap Report, 2017

    National long-term projections may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth. Information provided is not intended to represent a complete list of hiring companies or job titles, and degree program options do not guarantee career or salary outcomes. Students should conduct independent research for specific employment information.

    What You’ll Learn

    • PMBOK® Guide, latest edition principles
    • How to direct and manage a high-performing team
    • Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing temporary endeavors designed to deliver value (projects)
    • Execute and assess the project work
    • Keep the team on track
    • Keep the business environment in mind
    • This class is suitable for those pursuing both the PMP® and CAPM® exam preparation

    Who This Is For

      Our Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep is designed for any layperson, business person, supervisor, ambitious business entrant, military veterans and service members, and anyone serious about professional advancement to enhance their knowledge and skills in all fields of business investments. Projects are investments, and no one becomes a Senior manager in today’s competitive business environment without this knowledge.


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