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Receiving your PMP credential is an excellent way to enhance and advance your career.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), there is a TON of information out there on how to advance your career as a PMP. This creates a dilemma for the average person researching the credential because they consistently run into out-dated or unnecessary information.

My goal for 1-on-1 classes is simple. Let’s drop the routine, and working together, lets you and I get to work teaching you everything you need to know to pass your exam the first time!

This personalized approach is great for nervous test takers, busy professionals, or anyone who just wants a more personalized experience that fits your specific schedule and needs.

If you have any queries, I am more than happy to help. Please reserve a time to speak with me below!  Oh and by the way, I look forward to working with you on your journey!  :o)

Sean M. Thomas

CEO, Instructor, Project Vanguards LLC


My One-on-One classes take a unique approach to helping individuals learn everything they need to know to take the PMP exam and pass the very first time.

This personalized format is most appropriate for individuals with unique learning capabilities or lifestyle that do not permit them to participate in weekly or weekend courses during the times those are taught.

Ultimately, my One-on-One courses are about 2 things: A) Cutting through all the noise B) Availability (I'm always here for you)

You will learn everything that you need to know in order to successfully take and pass the Project Management Professional, or PMP, exam the first time. This is achieved through group/team activities, real-world scenarios, practical applications, and neuroscience studies which coalesce through the standards created by the Project Management Institute, or PMI (see

Materials and Resources you will receive and have access to:
  • Andy Crowe's PMP Exam Prep Kit
  • "How To Pass the PMP Exam On Your First Try" Textbook
  • Audio Discs to reinforce PMP knowledge areas and processes
  • Mobile Flash Cards are now used to help you remember key terminology
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th Edition
  • Printed and Bound Course Material
  • Laminated Exam Quick Reference Sheet
  • PMI Requirement of 35 Contact Hours
  • 24/7 Live Instructor Support/Access
  • Upon receiving your PMP credential, you are a member of Project Vanguards
  • Over 2,000 Practice Questions to help prepare you for the PMP Exam
  • Cloud Drive Access w/ Valuable Study Materials (Explained in Class)


All Course Materials Used by Project Vanguards LLC. are created by Registered Education Providers under the Project Management Institute. Show Up To Class With Nothing - We Provide EVERYTHING You'll Need (paper, pen, etc.)!

Re-Take Group Course for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

Also, and perhaps most importantly, if you fail the PMP Exam on your first try, or life happens and you need to refresh and refine your knowledge again, don't worry, because you may join us for the next PMP Exam Prep class again and continue attending indefinitely, for no additional charge. There is no other organization that offers this to its students.


You do NOT have to be a full time project manager to attain this credential, nor do you have to have many years of experience as a project manager. We teach professionals from all kinds of backgrounds, and 100% of our students who have taken the PMP exam passed on their FIRST try!

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