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Project Vanguards has an obligation to all its clients: every business, every student, every supervisor and manager (not just project managers), of all functions and experience, to improve the impact of their day-to-day operations and strategic capabilities, by providing various resources to train and empower them, enabling greater overall success and successful mission completion.

Classes - Our classes are among the finest, most targeted and effective in the world. That's simple truth.

Seminars - Project Vanguards offers a wide variety of seminars to mature your understanding of specific project management themes in affordable 1 to 3 day programs. These classes are small and offer individualized attention to maximize your learning of the material through real world experiences taught by some of the most renowned project managers in the business.

Group Training - The best deal for all employers and business leaders. We come to you and provide a hands on PMP class that educates you on how to pass the PMP exam. Three instructors will teach all topics covered in the PMP exam while providing extended concentration in areas lacking understanding to individuals one on one. Highly recommended for business owners who want to have a number of project managers at their disposal.

What PMPs Bring

WELCOME Friends From All Walks of Profession! Please come in and make yourself at home, because you're about to embark on a journey that will ever enrich your life both personally and professionally.

Our R.E.P. number is 4039 of our unmatched Hallmark College curriculum.

The value a PMP adds to both your company and your project(s) is so impactive, that it's practically inestimable. It's also important to remember that the PMP credential holder has mastery of managing projects of any size, from global projects to smaller, internal projects.

These are some of the business areas, processes, and functions that a PMP must master:

1. Integration Management
2. Cost/Budget Management
3. Time/Schedule Management
4. Scope Management
5. Quality Control
6. Quality Assurance
7. Human Resource Management
8. Communications Management
9. Risk Management
10. Procurement Management
11. Professional Responsibility
12. Social Responsibility
13. Multi-cultural Ethics (all PMPs agree to the PMI's Code of Ethics)
14. Geo-Economic Frameworks
15. Life Cycles (from beginning to end)
16. Stakeholder Management

This list leaves one question in mind. What organization wouldn't want their staff to possess these things? And, there are few credentials that cover such an incredible, overarching umbrella of talents and capabilities.
Project Management consulting solutions are effective and cost efficient for any business or organization looking to expand their strategic capabilities. Project Vanguards has a steady track record of providing critical solutions. Not only do our consultants have the experience to help drive your project to successful completion, they also mentor your personnel through the process of adopting and maintaining a structured, applicable approach that may be utilized by you in the future, without needing to look for consultants on like projects again.
Many projects are very hard to plan, execute, monitor and control because of the complexity of the environment that surrounds the business world today. They are larger in scale, have a greater strategic impact, more difficult to execute, and maintain a higher degree of visibility. These projects hold such an advanced level of importance to your company's strategic objectives that your organization simply cannot afford to have them fail. Project Vanguards is known for its management of strategic projects by streamlining the project management process of a seemingly impossible endeavor, to a logical, methodical, and refined process.

Our comprehensive processes put demanding controls primed for each project that we plan, and allows us to establish an early identification system that constantly measures the validity of each project. Finally, we implement refined reporting and communication systems, catered exactly to meet your unique project requirements, and to ensure that all involved are aware of specific project changes and any resulting impact on the agenda.

Next time you are feeling the pressure to deliver your most important up-and-coming projects, remember you have a competent partner in Project Vanguards where your vision is our vision, and our resources are your resources.
Having a Project Management Office (PMO) within your company gives you the ability to achieve consistent, successful results across entire portfolios, programs, and projects, thus establishing a basis to turn any project management opportunity into a very profitable gain. Whether you are looking to increase efficiency, explore new options, or improve upon your current methodologies, Project Vanguards can take your PMO to the next level.

Putting into practice our formal-phased approaches toward project management processes, that an organization has not used previously, helps companies overcome adversity to the issues presented by malnourished practices. Project Vanguards is dedicated to expanding your enterprise-level project management services and turning your PMO into a Project Management Center of Excellence.
Many companies and organizations have various levels of knowledge in project management, which is why a generalized or theoretical approach runs the risk of being less effective to those project managers who are more experienced, have managed more varied projects, and find ways to succeed where others do not.

One of the most defining elements of success in each of our project managers lies not only in the breadth of their individual experience, but also in the weight of our collective techniques, which are firmly based on your projects specific deliverables and in the practical application of our guiding principles. Project management has to align with the organizations culture, objectives, limitations, management capabilities, and most importantly, the different types of projects and how they evolve. That's why our customized solutions are facilitated by the most experienced and trained consultants in the field.

At Project Vanguards, we know from experience that excellence in the basics will only get you so far. The precise planning, flawless execution, and emplacing the proper control measures will set your project up for success. Project Vanguards expertise is critical for elevating your current techniques and improving the versatility of the current practices among your organization's project teams for special or customized projects, that have significant impact on your business.

Unsure if PMP is for you?

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