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CHAPTER 31 VR&E “Veteran Readiness and Employment” (formerly known as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment) – PRE-APPROVED!

If you are a US Military Veteran then first allow us to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! Reach out to us to receive a 10% discount on any course. You are VERY appreciated here!

And for those Veterans using Chapter 31, or Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E), we've got great news! VR&E fully pays for your Project Management Professional, or PMP, Exam Prep Course. All you have to do is:

1. Meet with your Voc Rehab Counselor (must meet in-person) and tell them you want the PMP and/or ACP credential(s).
2. Give them our Facility Code: 25146543
3. Have your Counselor submit the Purchase Order (P.O.) on the Tungsten Network (they’ll know what that means).

That’s it! We will sign it and fill it out and you’re done!

Just remember, it doesn't matter what line of work, field of study, current degree plan, or industry you're in for the PMP credential to be warranted. The fact is, it's a necessity in today's work environment for any and every supervisor or manager who wants to succeed. Forbes Magazine has rated the PMP credential (2014) as the fourth most valuable credential in the world. And it's the only credential on the top 10 list that isn't tied to any one specific field or industry, and that's simply because it's universal regardless of your line of work. And the Project Management Institute, or PMI, which is the international Non-Profit Organization 501(c)10 non-charity that has the PMP credential trademarked conducted a study in 2013. The study was to find a college degree that is the most comparable in pay and benefits being increased similar to the PMP credential, and the results were incredible. They found that a person with a PMP credential gets the same 40% increase in pay and benefits as their counterpart who gets a Master's Degree in Business Administration.


Information on VR&E, or Chapter 31 benefits, can be found at the PDF document below.

U.S. Airforce COOL Program


  • YES, we are in the USAF COOL Program! Under “Exam Centers” you will find “Project Vanguards LLC” and there you can sign up for our “PMP Exam Prep Courses”, “PMI-ACP Exam Prep Courses”, and “PMI-RMP Exam Prep Courses.” Simply email us at and request an invoice from us, put “USAF COOL Program” in the subject heading, and we will send you the invoice to give to your commander for approval, and your commander will then forward it on to the USAF COOL Program Payment Center. It’s that easy! We offer this for brick-and-mortar AND live-online instructor-led courses.

For more information about how to apply for COOL Benefits, please visit:

Here’s more information about the USAF COOL Program:
Air Force Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (AF COOL) Community College of the Air Force
100 South Turner Blvd St. 101A
Maxwell AFB, Gunter Annex, AL 36114-3011

Facebook –
Youtube –

If you have any questions about the Program itself, please contact the Air Force COOL program office at DSN 749-5115, COM 334-649-5115, or email at

Chapter 31 Fact Sheet

U.S Military PMP Course



  • Our Company’s Owner is a Wounded Warrior (Wounded in Iraq 01/2006)

  • Part Of Every Dollar We Earn Goes Towards Helping Our Nation’s Veterans, Wounded Warriors, And Their Families
post 911 gi bill

The Post 9/11 GI Bill does not currently cover PMP Exam Prep Courses, but we're doing everything we can to remedy this situation. The basic fact is the GI Bill is used to pay tuition for Veterans working on degree programs at schools. It is not used to pay for credentials of any kind.

However, the one good thing that the Project Management Institute has been able to do is get the GI Bill to pay for the cost of the PMP Exam itself, currently $400.00. So that's a start. If you fail the exam however you must re-take the exam at your own cost, currently $250.00.