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Our Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® Exam Prep Class is comprehensive, carefully designed, and focused on a single goal: Give You EVERYTHING you need to pass the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)® PMI-ACP certification exam. The PMI-ACP certification is a great next step for those who hold the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. It’s also a very important part of the future of Project Management. This course covers all the key areas of required study for the certification exam. This course also offers real-world applications of the Agile approach.

  • Andy Crowe’s PMI-ACP Exam Prep Kit
  • Knowledge of Agile principles, practices, and tools across Agile methodologies
  • Application of the Agile value of decreasing product defects
  • Improved team productivity, delivery of business value and project success
  • Validation of your experience, ability, and proven understanding of current tools and terminology

  • 21 hours of education in Agile practices (required to apply for the exam)
  • Textbook The PMI-ACP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, covering exam content and test-taking strategies, with a simulated exam included
  • 6 months of access to additional practice questions through InSite, an exclusive online e-learning program
  • Course notebook with comprehensive memory-device aids covering all aspects of the exam content
  • All classroom supplies (pen, markers, highlighter, etc.)
  • PMI-ACP exam application assistance
  • Ongoing, post-class support by Project Vanguards LLC Instructor
  • Exclusive Share Drive Access with additional Practice Exam Questions and Studying Materials

    AGENDA Introduction
  • Baseline Exam Introduction and Score Sheet
  • PMI-ACP Application Requirements & Process
  • PMI-ACP Exam Specification
  • Standardized Exam Strategies & Tips
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Value Pairs
  • 12 Principles
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Scrum – Roles, Ceremonies, Artifacts
  • eXtreme Programming – Roles, 12 Practices
  • Lean – 7 Principles
  • Project Justification & Chartering
  • Agile Teams & Team Spaces
  • Agile Analysis
  • Sprint Exam
  • Agile Planning
  • Agile Estimating
  • Working with Agile
  • Managing with Agile
  • Course Final Exam
  • Course Wrap-up and Next Steps


    Also, and perhaps most importantly, if you fail the PMI-ACP (Agile) Exam on your first try, or life happens and you need to refresh and refine your knowledge again, don't worry, because you may audit (re-take) our Agile Exam Prep class again indefinitely, for no additional charge. There must be an open seat to allow this to happen (most likely we will have a seat for you). There is no other organization that offers this to its students both before and after Exam completion for both credential seekers AND Professional Development Units (PDU). This is yet another incentive and added bonus to taking our PMI-ACP (Agile) Exam Prep class.*


    You do NOT have to be a full time project manager to attain this credential, nor do you have to have many years of experience as an Agile Manager. We teach professionals from all backgrounds!


    10% Rebate Check Given On Last Day of Class! Full Price Up-Front; All Veterans and Military Service-Members

    Special Offer! We are offering rebates to be received upon course completion for groups and/or businesses wishing to enroll multiple people in any one of our Agile (PMI-ACP) exam preparation classes. These savings also apply to groups who wish to set up training at their location or enroll in one of our on-site university classes.

    And here are the rates:
    5+= 10% Rebate
    Call us today toll free at 1-888-503-7108 and register your group! It's that easy!


    If you are a US Military Veteran then first allow us to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! You are VERY appreciated here!

    And for those Veterans using Chapter 31, or Vocational Rehabilitation, we've got great news! Voc Rehab fully pays for both your Agile Exam Prep (PMI-ACP) and Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Courses. All you have to do is sit down with your Chapter 31 Case Manager and say that you want to add the PMI-ACP credential to your Rehabilitation Plan because it will greatly increase your chances of finding lasting gainful employment and will ensure job security once you're employed, as well as give you a great advantage over your peers when promotion opportunities arise, and that you want to take our Agile Exam Prep Course.


    Students and Military veterans gets a 10% discount. This discount only applies to individual and not group. For group discount, please see above.