Why the PMP Certification Is Worth the Investment

Jan 21, 2020 | PMP Exam Prep, Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally recognized certification among the project management community. The certification is highly valued in all major industries and can take your career to a new level.

Although the cost of the program is fairly high, the benefits of PMP certification are numerous. In this article, we will discuss various reasons why the PMP certification is worth the investment.

Adds Value to Your Résumé

Management professionals can choose from various professional certifications. However, the most valuable certificate program among these is the PMP certification.

Since project management roles offer immense potential for career growth, a large number of professionals apply for these roles, especially in reputable companies. However, it’s only the most qualified and experienced individuals who make the cut.

Meanwhile, employers need a lot of time and resources to filter out the best job applicants. In such a situation, the PMP certification serves as a useful tool to distinguish candidates for a given role. Therefore, recruiters searching for qualified candidates prefer job applicants with the aforementioned certification.

Besides adding value to your résumé, the certification may be a prerequisite to apply for a specific managerial role in a top tier organization.

Access to Higher Income

While there are numerous advantages of earning a PMP certification, research shows that the certification can also cause a substantial increase to your earning potential. An international certification like PMP can give you a considerable edge over other candidates and set you up for a higher salary.

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Statistically speaking, the 10th edition of the salary survey conducted by the PMI discovered that as much as 70 percent of all survey participants attested to an increase in salaries in the past 12 months. About 26 percent of these respondents received a 5 percent salary increment in the previous 12 months. Furthermore, the total salaries of certified candidates was 23 percent higher than the salaries of project management professionals without the certification.

Interestingly, the trend seems to be consistent across all major industries. Certified professionals enjoy higher earnings potential, despite not belonging to popular industries such as IT.

In fact, the highest salary figure ($173,000 on average, annually) in the aforementioned survey was for project management professionals in sectors like agriculture and mining.

Learn Essential Management Skills

The PMP certification helps candidates gain the skills required to excel in executive management. However, passing the exam without preparation is impossible.

Unless you master the practical application of the foundational concepts of project management, it would be difficult to earn the certification. Therefore, while you prepare for the examination, you get the chance to learn various hard and soft skills associated with project management.

At the same time, candidates earn the first-hand experience of fundamental project management processes, methodologies, techniques, and tools. Furthermore, it exposes them to the current trends and practices prevalent in the project management field.

While practical experience can help you to become a successful project manager, PMP certification can kickstart the process of learning these skills.

Universal Recognition

The PMP certification is recognized across all major countries and industries. There are numerous certification programs that are relevant only to specific regions and domains. If you pursue these courses, you will have limited opportunities for growth.

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On the other hand, the PMP certification is a global certification recognized by all major industries in every region around the world. This is why professionals with the certification get countless opportunities for growth, regardless of their background or industry.

The success of any company correlates with the competency of its managers. A McKinsey and Co. report states that almost 60% of senior executives consider building a strong project management discipline as one of their top three priorities for their future strategies.

Every industry needs managers that can help them cope with challenging situations and guide them towards project completion. Since the PMP certification solidifies the foundational concepts of project management, certified managers are better prepared for finishing projects in the given budget and time.

Validates Your Experience

To qualify for the PMP examination, candidates need to meet the basic requirements for the certification. For associates without a bachelor’s degree, they need a minimum experience of 60 months to prove their qualifications.

On the other hand, bachelor’s degree holders need at least 36 months of experience to appear for the exam. Understandably, you need a high level of dedication and experience to fulfill the high standards of the institution.

Therefore, employers often see the PMP certification as a testament to your experience in project management and dedication to the field. The certification not only validates your experience but also makes you a more favorable option among a pool of other candidates. At the same time, it symbolizes a growth mindset, which is poised towards continuous improvement.

Networking Opportunities

Currently, there are as many as 773,840 active holders of the PMP certification across the world. When registered as a member of the PMI, you become a part of this ever-expanding network.

PMI routinely organizes meetings for valued members in important cities across the globe. These meetings help members earn credits known as Professional Development Units (PDUs), which are necessary for every member to earn.

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Without these credits, it’s difficult for PMP holders to maintain their certification for three years. Therefore, you can expect all active members to attend these meetings. Consequently, these meetings will help you to connect with accomplished professionals and establish a strong network in your industry.


To some professionals, the PMP certification might appear as extremely expensive, time-consuming and difficult to earn. However, the benefits of PMP certification outweigh the cost and effort needed to earn it.

It can present you with numerous opportunities that were not available before and set you up for growth on the global stage. In the end, the PMP certification is an investment worth your effort and dedication.

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