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Sean founded Project Vanguards in March of 2012. He received training of the multi-faceted practices and principles of Project Management (including the PMP credential and all it entails) while recovering from wounds sustained in combat overseas while in the US Army, conducting missions in Iraq. Shortly after retiring from the U.S. Army as a Captain and earning his MBA and PMP, Sean began working in the private sector as a project manager and consultant. Over time, he began to envision his dream as a business owner. Soon after, Sean started the company when he noticed a need for educating and providing credentialed project management professionals all over the world.

Among the chief catalysts for starting this company, was the primary objective to get his fellow wounded and disabled military brothers and sisters back to work in the private sector upon their return home, as well as every other US military veteran, past and present, who chooses project management as their vocation. Not only is Sean an experienced leader and Project Management Professional, he volunteers by teaching at his local Alamo PMI Chapter and provides project management solutions and expertise to businesses and governments in varied markets around the world. He is a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute (PMI: visit www.pmi.org for more information) and currently holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Our core values

A little bit about us

The company was founded during the first quarter of 2012. And even now, as the company is young, its depth and potential are endless.

The network of Project Vanguards is intricate, with more than two hundred years of combined project management experience in our senior executives and consultants alone..

We began as a company that helped disabled veterans use their natural leadership and project management expertise to hone their skills and improve their acumen as professional project managers. We did this by affording them the opportunity to unlock their invaluable talents, skills, and capabilities. This tradition is, and shall remain, a vital piece of our core.

As consultants, we provide comprehensive, objective third party analyses. As job creators, and job locators, we find gainful employment for our students once PMP certified. Additionally, we provide our students with courses and opportunities to maintain their credential, by enabling them to earn Professional Development Units (PDU's).
Our mission is to provide hands-on and integrative training to Business Leaders, Organizations, and Individuals of all professions, manage projects, provide development and consultation, as well as provide conception and steadfast follow-through guidance to start up project management services for our clients by creating and emplacing practically and technologically tailored innovative tier-one project management processes world-wide.

Regardless of anyone's profession, today's business world needs and wants highly trained professionals that know, understand, and apply the field of project management inside and out, who have innovative ideas, and self starters that take a business concept to the next level while meeting the strategic goals of the company. At Project Vanguards we do just that, and more...
Credentialed Project Management Vanguards aims to endorse the best methodologies and highest standards of project management facilitation and training that advances Project Vanguards mission through its guiding principles.

Business Leaders, Organizations, and Individuals strive for success at any cost in this day and age. At Project Vanguards we value two principles, integrity and unparalleled service, as our driving force to serve you and your clientele with the utmost professionalism, reliability, and flexibility in the business world. We value the clients we serve, the communities we live in, and stand behind our final products 100%.
Meet our Mascot

Frank the PMP Pug!

What we are not

If you're looking for a class that is taught by way of simply checking off boxes, drudging through line item after line item, and handing you a certificate for completion credits once you regain consciousness, then we suggest you look elsewhere. Or if you're looking for a program that, metaphorically speaking, puts you face-to-face with a fire hydrant of bland information, and within 3 days blasts your brain with an overload of subject matter, then we are, once again, not the company you're looking for.

We take our work seriously. And any serious professional knows that nothing worthwhile simply falls into your lap. Nor does it possess the ability to smuggle it's way into our mind long enough to just barely pass a truly challenging exam, such as the PMP exam. You have to earn it. And the only way to do that is through hard work by both the student and the instructor. The effort required by the student is evidence of the PMP credential's value. The reason it's so valuable to both private industry and government entities, is because it immediately tells everyone that you are an internationally credentialed Project Manager, a serious professional, and a subject matter expert, worthy of their respect.