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"Folks, Sean runs a no-nonsense, excellent course for PMP candidates. It is a truly well planned course which will make you work, but it will also build up your understanding of PMI practices and standards to the level you need to get the certification! Everyone in our class passed the exam on a first try, myself included 🙂 "

- Jerry S.

"I was soooo nervous about taking this class because I am not a project manager by profession. But this credential is so valuable that if you want to get ahead (and have job security) you practically have to have it if you want to stay ahead. So, after I heard about this class and its 100% exam pass rate, I decided it was my best shot. So I took the deep plunge into the world project management professional's. And after listening to my instructor, who was so helpful and willing do whatever it took to help me pass this exam, and following the course layout, I worked and worked on the assignments until I finally felt ready for the exam. I took the exam, and two minutes after I finished I got my results, and I PASSED! I would recommend this course to anyone, especially to those who are like me and don't have a strong project management background. If you're like me, willing and determined to pass this test, then this is the class for you! A+++++ all the way!!!"

- Angela R.

"A friend of mine who had taken this course told me about it, and so after researching it, I signed up. I had high expectations coming into this class because of my friends' recommendation, and I have to say, my expectations were met and then some. The instructor was great at communicating every part of the course, every knowledge area, and was able to explain even the most difficult parts in comprehendible terms. In short, I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone and everyone who is serious about getting their PMP. Oh, and I'm not too modest to say that like all the students of this class before me, I passed this monster exam on my first try!!!"

- Lauren D.

"The PMP Exam Preparation Class offered by Project Vanguards was tremendously helpful in my efforts to learn the material required for the PMP exam. The classes were very convenient for my full-time work schedule and the course is structured in a manner that allows you to learn, understand and apply the material rather than just memorize the PMBOK. I followed my instructor's advice and applied myself throughout the course and was able to pass the PMP exam on my first try. The test was every bit as hard as I thought it would be, but I was successful thanks to Project Vanguards. I would definitely recommend anyone, regardless of their level of project management experience, to take the Project Vanguards PMP Exam Preparation Class if they want to be well prepared to take the PMP exam."

- Mike A.

"I had thought about getting my PMP for a long time now, but I just never had the time. Luckily, the classes taught by Project Vanguards were all taught at times when I didn't have to miss work. All the other places I found taught these boot camp courses or a week-long 8 to 5 course every day, and that just wasn't realistic for me. After the first day in class I knew I had picked the right place to come to for my PMP exam prep. It was all taught sensibly and reasonably that over time the exam seemed less like a mountain and more like a small hill. I would recommend this class to anyone, regardless of their work experience or current profession. Anyone who is determined enough to succeed will receive everything they need and more from this class. I just wish I had known about it sooner. And of course, I passed on my first attempt on the exam. 🙂 "

- Richard K.

"I'm a construction supervisor who wants to get promoted. So after I spoke to my boss he told me I should look into getting this PMP credential, which I had never heard of. So I took the class, and it was definitely for professionals like me who are looking to get ahead, because it wasn't easy. But then, nothing worthwhile ever is either. I cannot say enough great things about the class, from the teacher and the materials, to everyone in the class I took working together and helping each other, to the manageable hours in the evenings when the class was taught, it was a great experience. I'd definitely recommend this to anybody. Worth every penny, and two thumbs up."

- Todd T.

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