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One of the most difficult credentials any business person could pursue, is also among the most elite. While PMP®, Project Management Professional, offers the most talented people at the tactical level of organizational investments recognition, the PgMP® offers recognition for the most experienced and professionally expert managers and practitioners in the world. This credential demonstrates that the credential holder has not only the capability, but an incredibly extensive knowledge of managing multiple, related projects/investments and core abilities to navigate complex activities that span functions, organizations, regions or cultures and align those results with organizational goals.

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    Course Description

    Our classes are Streamed Live using Zoom® Webinar.

    Teach students everything they need to know in order to successfully take and pass the Program Management Professional, or PgMP®, exam. This is achieved through group/team activities, real-world scenarios, practical applications, and neuroscience which coalesce through the standards created by the Project Management Institute, or PMI® (see

    Materials and Resources you will receive and have access to:


    • The Program Management Standard 4th Ed. (PMI® Publications)
    • Includes 100% Start-to-Finish assistance filling out & submitting Your PgMP® Exam Application on
    • Class communications tools to work together as a group
    • Access to all Live Online PgMP® Exam Prep Courses
    • Attend Classes Mobile using the free Zoom® App
    • Access to Recorded Videos of All Classes
    • Live Online Screen-sharing with Instructor with Virtual Whiteboard
    • Class communications tools to work together as a group
    • Digital Copies of Textbook and Course Materials on Day 1 of class
    • Physical Course Materials Mailed to Your Checkout Shipping Address
    • Complete AudioBook and Audio Clips to reinforce PgMP® Domains & Sub-domains
    • 4 mock Practice Exams to gauge your progress and better prepare you for the exam
    • Glossary to help you remember key terminology
    • Printed and Bound Course Material w/ Slides
    • Exam Quick Reference Study Guide Memorization Sheet
    • PMI® Requirement of 24 Contact Hours
    • 24/7 Live Instructor Support/Access
    • Upon receiving your PgMP® credential, you are a member of the Project Vanguards Community, and have access to Free PDUs for Life to help you maintain your credential
    • We are always here to assist you, even AFTER you have your credential






    Day 1: Intro to Course, Curriculum, Foundational Concepts, Performance Domains
    Day 2: Strategic Alignment & Benefits Management
    Day 3: Stakeholder Engagement & Program Governance
    Day 4: Program Life Cycle: Formulation & Planning
    Day 5: Program Life Cycle: Delivery & Closure
    Day 6: How to Pass the PgMP® Exam, Practice Exam, 100% Application Assistance


    All Course Materials Used by Project Vanguards LLC are created by Authorized Training Partners under the Project Management Institute. Show Up To Class With Nothing – We’ll Provide EVERYTHING You’ll Need (paper, pen, etc.)!


    If life happens and you need to refresh and refine your knowledge again, don’t worry, because you may audit (re-take) our Live Virtual PgMP® Exam Prep class again indefinitely, for no additional charge. There must be an open seat to allow this to happen (most likely we will have a seat for you). There is no other organization that offers this to its students both before and after Exam completion for both credential seekers AND Professional Development Units (PDU). This is yet another incentive and added bonus to taking our PgMP® Exam Prep class.

    Group Discounts & Military Rebates

    Discounts and Rebates

    Full-time College/University Students* and Military Veterans** get a 10% rebate. This rebate only applies to individuals* and not groups. For a group discount, please call below.  Chapter 31 Veterans are Pre-Approved (read more)! 

    Call us today toll-free at 1.888.503.7108 and get your discount! It’s that easy!

    *Full-time College/University Students are those attending an accredited institution offering a minimum of an Associates Degree or equivalent or higher and are attending on a “full-time” basis as defined by accrediting agencies and the institution itself.

    **Military veteran rebates only apply to US Armed Forces Veterans who were not discharged dishonorably and are ultimately paying at their own expense. Rebates do not apply to Veterans who have another entity paying on their behalf (ex: Work, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Tuition Assistance, COOL Program, etc). Veterans must show a valid Military/Veteran ID (ex: Dept. of Veterans Affairs) and/or DD-214 w/ “Discharge Status” section visible and no redactions except first 5-digits of their SSN.

    PgMP® Exam Application Explained

    • The first phase of evaluation is panel review
    • The certification exam has 170 multiple-choice questions, and you have four hours to complete it.
    • To maintain your PgMP®, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.

    Exam Price (not included in PgMP® Exam Prep Course Cost)

    • PMI Member: $800.00 USD (not included in Course Fee)
    • Non-PMI Member: $1,000.00 USD (not included in Course Fee)

    Who Should Apply?

    The Program Management Professional (PgMP®) credential is for current/aspiring Senior level Professionals on the forefront of advancing their organization’s strategic goals.  If you have the proven ability to manage multiple, related projects/investments and navigate complex activities that span functions, organizations, regions or cultures and to align results with organizational goals, then you’re a potential PgMP®.

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    # Seats: 20 First Come. First Serve.

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    You can also call us today toll-free at 1-888-503-7108 and pay over the phone! It’s that easy!

    PgMP Exam Application Pre-Requisites

    In order to pursue this certificate, you must have:
    • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
    • 6,000 hours of project management experience
    • 10,500 hours of program management experience


    • a four-year degree
    • 6,000 hours of project management experience
    • 6,000 hours of program management experience

    Student Testimonials

    what some of our students had to say

    “I started my PMP® certification journey 2 year’s ago. Life happened and I was not able to really commit to the required studying I would need to pass the exam. I utilized Vanguards policy to retake the course [perpetually] at no additional cost. In preparation for taking my PMP® exam I also referenced a lot of the resources and tools provided in a student shared drive. It was so helpful to finally pass. Thank you for all your support.”

    Rosantina Aranda, PMP®

    Vice President, Business Banker III, Frost Bank

    I had been considering getting my PMP certification for a few years but didn’t really feel like I needed to since I was already managing projects for my company without one. However, when I was in the job market, I found out quickly that hiring managers and recruiters care more about seeing a “PMP” on your resume than any relevant job experience! I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in Project Vanguards PMP prep course and I’m so glad I did! It is NOT an easy exam even if you know what you’re doing in the project management space. I attended all the classes, performed all the assigned homework and passed on my first try 😁.”

    Brittany Davidson

    PMP®, MBA

    “Project Vanguards LLC is the obvious choice if you’re looking to pass the PMP® exam. I attended the October 2020 class and passed the test the same month! Project Vanguards provides a structured and quality education on the PMP® as well as many other PMI® sponsored certifications. If you follow the processes given by the instructor and are diligent in your studies, you are guaranteed to pass the PMP® exam. I will be returning to Project Vanguards for more training/certifications for my career progression.”

    David Griggs

    PMP®, MBA


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