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“We know how important it is to make that decision to take the class. You’re releasing the brakes on your professional potential and making a true commitment to excellence, and it is hard. And we’re not going to lie and tell you it’s going to be easy, because it’s not easy. But then, what worthwhile endeavor, which brings you deep satisfaction in your achievements, is easy? The answer is simple: None. And do not fear the unknown. We will demystify all the mechanisms, formulas, processes, and give you the tools to finish the job: Pass that exam. That’s your goal, which makes it our goal, together.

And after you pass your exam, we’ll help you maintain your credential with ease. Other companies teach a course, escort you out of the building on the last day, and wish you the best of luck. We, on the other hand, will be working for and with you, for the rest of your career, period.”

– The Project Vanguards Team
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When I go to pay for my seat, why isn't there a dropdown option to choose the specific course I wish to attend?

Because with Vanguards we make our own rules.  Forget about the way our competitors do things, and imagine what it would be like to pay for a specific Exam Prep class (PMP® for example) today and never have to pay for access to that class ever again (EVER!).  You pay once for PMP® exam prep course access and can attend 1,000+ PMP® exam prep courses we offer (you get lifetime access only to that specific credentials’ courses; you cannot pay for access to our PMP® prep courses and get access to our other courses (ex: PMI-ACP® exam prep) without paying for them).  See Question #3 below for more details about this policy.  Now, back to our example:

Let’s say there’s a virtual PMP® exam prep course starting today.  So, you pay, and within minutes you receive a “Welcome Letter” email from us.  Now that you’ve paid for access to our PMP® exam prep courses, you will also receive a separate email allowing you to register for the class that begins today.  That email will look like this:

Screen Shot 2021 01 27 At 4.11.46 AM

And two months from now you see another PMP® Exam Prep course is being held.  What if you want to take that one too?  Then take it!  You will automatically get a separate registration email allowing you to register for that entire 35-hr course too!  Registration emails go out at regular intervals, so don’t worry, you will receive them.  Just be sure that our registration emails aren’t going to your junk or social newsletter folders.  About 1/4 of the time they seem to do that.

Paying one time in your life and receiving access to that same specific credentials’ exam prep courses is an absolutely exclusive feature we offer our students!  And our competitors cannot stand it!  Even after you get your credential you can come back to sit through the class and earn free PDU’s to maintain that credential!

So, if I pay just once to sit in your PMP® Exam Prep class, I can sit through all of your PMP® Exam Prep classes?

YES!  This is an absolutely exclusive feature we offer our students!  And our competitors cannot stand it!  Even after you get your credential you can come back to sit through the class and earn free PDU’s to maintain that credential!

What about your other credential courses, like PMI-ACP®, or the PMI-RMP® etc? Does this Lifetime Access work for them as well?

YES!  Pay once for the PMI-RMP® exam prep course and you may attend ALL of our PMI-RMP® exam prep courses.  Pay once for the PMI-ACP® exam prep course and you may attend ALL of our PMI-ACP® exam prep courses.  Pay once for the PMI-PBA® exam prep course and you may attend ALL of our PMI-PBA® exam prep courses.  You cannot, however, pay for a PMI-RMP® exam prep course and sit through the PMP® exam prep course or the PMI-ACP® exam prep course, etc.  You get Lifetime Access to the specific exam prep course you pay for.  Access may, at times, only be available Virtually, but always with a Live instructor.  We do NOT offer public courses that are “Self-paced” or just videos and quizzes without human interaction. 

How does Lifetime Access work? Do I email you directly to tell you what class I want to sit in on?

No need to reach out to us, because we’ll reach out to you.  You’ll receive a unique invitation to all the exam prep courses we teach for the given credential you’ve signed up to take, so just pay once, and get notified forever!  Example: Pay once for the PMI-PBA® exam prep course and you may attend ALL of our PMI-PBA® exam prep courses.  You cannot, however, pay for a PMI-RMP® exam prep course and sit through the PMP® exam prep course or the PMI-ACP® exam prep course, etc.  You get Lifetime Access to the specific exam prep course you pay for.  

We try to keep it simple and painless!  With Vanguards, you’ll get spoiled quickly, and see why all our competitors are mediocre at best.  But our Senior Management are former officers of PMI®, so let our competitors eat their hearts out!  :o) 

Again, we strongly urge you to sign up with a personal email address when you pay rather than a business email, because business emails change, and by comparison personal emails typically don’t.

Why does every job application I see either require or strongly recommend a PMP®?

It’s no coincidence that so many organizations, government and non-government alike, are willing to pay more for certified PMP®’s, but why?

The credential does demonstrate a huge amount of knowledge and the ability to apply it, but there’s more to this than you might think.


On December 14, 2016 President Barack Obama signed bill S.1550 — the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 (PMIAA) into law. This piece of legislation was fully supported by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and garnered staggering bi-partisan support.   

The reason was simple: The US Government was spending millions of dollars but not getting the results they wanted. PMI® met with the DoD and other government agencies and explained/demonstrated the importance of consistent, proven organizational framework for Programs and Projects.  The Government agreed.  Now the US Government requires/selects all of their Projects and Programs to be officially managed by a PMP® and/or PgMP® in good standing with the Project Management Institute®. 

Find out who is publicly registered with PMI® credentials:

PMI’s Global Certification Registry

What if I pay for a class 2 minutes before it's scheduled start time? Will I still get access to it?

YES!  Once you’ve paid you get an email with all pertinent information, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) you must digitally sign, granting you immediate access to the course about to begin in just a matter of minutes!  All our classes get recorded so you can go back and watch them whenever you like, as much as you like.  You will also get digital copies of all materials immediately after signing our Non-Disclosure Agreement, so you will NOT fall behind in class!  Your physical hardcover materials will be mailed to you with their Postal Service tracking number and information.  We teach using GoToWebinar® and it’s a live instructor you can see and speak to and interact with directly the entire time.  At present, all our courses are taught in English only.  We use a share-screen with virtual whiteboard and screenshots images dropped into your chat box so you can download them instantly to study with.

I've heard horror stories about PMI® exams, AND applications to take the exams. Will you help with the application?

YES!  On the last day of class we step you through the entire application for your class’ credential from start-to-finish.  We will even help you write your experience in terms PMI® will understand and accept.  You have nothing to worry about!  We’ve helped a young man as young as 20 years old get his PMP® credential.  We’ve helped mostly stay-at-home parents get their PMP® credential.  You just worry about the exam.  Let us worry about the application.  And yes, if your application gets audited (and 10% automatically do with PMI®) we will step you through it all.  Our former PMI® officers helped create these procedures/processes.  You’ll be fine.  :o)

Okay, I paid for a class, now what?

We will email you everything you need to the email address you used when paying to take the class. If you are a former student you will receive regular newsletter invitations to join upcoming classes automatically. You may want to use a personal email address when you pay so if you retire or get a job elsewhere you don’t have to update your email address with us.  You also may want to ensure these notifications aren’t going to your junk folder or “newsletter” or “social” folders.  You do not ever have to write to ask if you will get access to an upcoming class after you have paid, because you will automatically receive notifications unless you choose to opt out after receiving the first notification.  They will look like this (click picture below to enlarge with clarity):

Screen Shot 2021 01 04 At 7.12.07 PM

Since Vanguards uses GoToWebinar®, can I participate in the class from any smart device (mobile, tablet, etc.) as well as a computer?

YES!  We teach using GoToWebinar® and there’s a free App you can download so as long as you have an internet connection, you can take your class from anywhere on Earth!  You’ll get emailed App download information after you sign up for class.  Your GoToWebinar® Registration webpage will look similar to this (click the images below to enlarge with clarity):

Screen Shot 2021 01 04 At 7.27.54 PM

After you register you will receive an email like this:

Screen Shot 2021 01 04 At 7.30.59 PM

From anywhere on Earth?  Why not the Moon too?  (Our chief said he’s working on that.  I think he’s serious.) 

I’ve never been a Project Manager. And I possibly don't ever want to be one. Do I still qualify to sit for the exam, pass, and become a PMP®?

YES! Here’s a screenshot of the PMP® Application where you state the “Role” you played on the project. Notice how many different options there are! You could have only been any one of the following and never even been a Project Manager!  There’s even a box for “Other” to be added as a role! Now what are you waiting for? We help you write and submit your entire application on the last day of class, and we’ll stay with you through the entire process. But why would PMI® allow most anyone to achieve this invaluable credential? Simple: there are only two sides of business: Day-to-Day Operations and Projects (Investments). 

Whether you realize it or not, even as an “Administrator,” which is an option below for “Role” by the way, you have contributed to temporary endeavors (projects) that deliver value to your and other organizations.  You’ve done work (scope), managed time (schedule), handled costs (budget), and met end-user/customer requirements (quality). You handled uncertainties (risk), analyzed and solved problems (issues), worked with and around contracts (procurements), and you’ve worked with experts (HR) as well as many others (stakeholders identified and engaged).  You’ve corresponded with folks (communications) and managed expectations (more stakeholder engagement). 

You have WAY more experience than you think.  And don’t confuse the “role” you played with the “job title” you worked under.  Take a look at the second picture below where it later states on your application on any given project to state your “job title.”  That’s because many of us who are competent get tasked with efforts outside our job description, therefore, the role you played may not always be congruent with your job title.  So, shall we begin this journey together?  Click the pictures below to enlarge with clarity.

Screenshot 2020 04 19 At 9.44.49 PM 1


Screenshot 2020 04 19 At 9.44.49 PM 2

Why take the PMP exam prep class with Vanguards?

Click here to view a comparison chart that shows you the differences between us and the competition.

Why do I have to sign-up/pay a company to take your PMP® Exam Prep Class at a College/University instead of simply paying the school directly?

This is a great question. The PMP® is a credential trademarked by a Non-Profit Organization called the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Only certified PMI® instructors working for Authorized Training Partners (ATP®‘s) may teach PMP® Exam Prep courses through their teaching entities (Companies) at Universities/Colleges through what’s called “Extended Services” programs. This means that those who wish to take the class pay the company, and the company pays the school per their teaming agreement. The PMP® credential is strictly controlled by the PMI®, and only allows it to be taught under strict guidelines and rules.

Are there any prerequisites in order for me to sign up for the PMP Exam Prep Class?

No, none.

Do I need to bring any materials with me to class?

No, but you could bring a backpack/carry bag to carry all your materials a little easier. Other than that, we provide everything, including the pens, pencils, highlighters, and paper in addition to all the course materials.

After I pass the exam, don't I have to 'maintain' my credential to keep it?

Yes, and we will help you every step of the way to make it so simple you’ll wonder why anyone worries about it at all. Remember, if you have not yet passed your exam, then don’t worry about maintaining it. Rather, focus on what we have taught and will continue to work with you on in order to pass the exam. Let us do the worrying on your credential maintenance. If you have passed the exam, contact your instructor any time for those tips which will guide you on maintaining your credential, or call our toll free number at 1.888.503.7108.

Will my VA benefits, like my Post 9/11 GI Bill or Chapter 31 VR&E, and COOL Programs, pay for this class?

Yes Chapter 31 VR&E Veteran Readiness & Employment (previously known as Vocational Rehabilitation) will pay for 100% of ALL your classes with Vanguards AND your exam fee (once per credential)! The Post 9/11 GI Bill is much more difficult, and at present it does not pay for the course. However, the GI Bill DOES pay for the cost of the PMP® Exam, which is $555 USD.  COOL Programs are also accepted by Vanguards.  Read more about COOL Programs here.

Are there any grants or scholarships for special circumstances that might help me pay for the course?

Yes!  If you are pursuing PMI credentials then go to the PMI Educational Foundation Scholarships website and apply here

Is there any way I can finance the course over a term, like 6 months?

YES! See PayPal Credit (watch PayPal Credit video) you can pay over 6 months OR you can use their new Pay-In-4 (watch PayPal Pay-In-4 video) Installments option from PayPal now!  Caveat: It may take up to 30 minutes for the folks at PayPal to process your PayPal Credit payment, so don’t try to pay more than once! If you do, don’t worry, we can still refund your money, but knowledge helps us hedge mistakes!

Can I call and pay over the phone instead, or if PayPal for some reason doesn't work?

Yes, you can. We have many tools besides PayPal to process payments over the phone. Call us toll free at 1.888.503.7108.

Do you offer cancellations and/or refunds?

Full refunds for an event/course will be given to attendees who email a cancellation request to admin@transfer.projectvanguards.com at least 72 hours prior to the start of the event/course.

I have questions about the course I'm interested in. Can I call you for information?

Of course! We’re here 24/7, call us at 1.888.503.7108.

I'm interested in taking the CAPM® exam before trying for the PMP® exam. May I take your class to satisfy the CAPM® exam prerequisites AND the PMP® exam prerequisites for later on when I take the PMP® exam?

Yes and Yes! In fact, we use the same material(s) except with some material excluded for CAPM® students. So, in that sense and in this instance, this is essentially a two-for-one deal. CAPM® exam info PMP® exam info

Are there any free Exam questions online I can find/use?

Yes. But be careful!  People have good intentions, but downloading free questions/answers may be outdated…very outdated.  If you take your exam prep with Vanguards then you will receive all the practice exams and questions/answers you’ll need.  Please don’t use random questions that are outdated, because they exam will have outdated answers which are WRONG answers on current exams (yeah, PMI loves to throw shade). 

Scenario #1 I've been a project manager for over 20 years, so how valuable would the PMP® credential be to me? Scenario #2 I'm a young professional and want to show my capabilities and competence to all those I work with, but I'm not a project manager by trade; so how valuable would the PMP® credential honestly be for someone like me?

Tremendously valuable. As of 2020 Forbes magazine explained that among the top 15 most valuable credentials in any industry on Earth, the median salary of a certified PMP® was over $143,000/yr USD.  The PMP® credential adds more value to a professionals pay and benefits than a Masters Degree of Business Administration, or MBA. With America continually outsourcing jobs and companies hiring younger employees to replace current, more experienced (and higher salary) employees, the PMP® credential is a vital means of maintaining job security. This is especially true because, as of January 2013, nearly half of all PMP®‘s in the United States are 35 years old and younger. 10 years before the average PMP® was 54 years old.  Younger professionals are seeking any and every viable way to compete in today’s economy, and among the highest of these is the PMP® credential. So for any professional, regardless of their profession, regardless of their experience level, independent of their work background, and no matter what their age, the PMP® credential is essential to gaining and maintaining a competitive and dynamic edge.

Is my personal data kept safe & secure?

Yes! We never sell or distribute your data. We use third-party apps to manage and report to all clients in which case your data may be entered into one or more management systems for processing and communication purposes. In addition to our Data Management policies, our Data Collections are limited to name, email and phone number. We NEVER collect and store sensitive information such as credit card or billing information.

Dude, do people really have this many questions?

Yes.  (usually more)  But that’s why we’re here.  :o)