Important Tips for Passing the ACP Exam in 2020

Feb 11, 2020 | Project Management

The Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is one of the most renowned credentials on agile methodologies for project managers. It can open new doors for your career and validate your knowledge of the core foundations of the agile methodology. The certification can also help you gain greater earning potential.

With that said, the PMI ACP certification is not easy to obtain and requires considerable effort and dedication from the candidate. Furthermore, the initial examination fee and re-test fees are enough to rack the nerves of potential candidates.

However, if you dedicate the right amount of time and concentrate on the preparation, passing the PMI ACP exam is not as hard as it seems. In this article, we discuss important tips that can help you pass the PMI ACP exam in 2020.

Prepare and Stick To a Routine Plan

As project managers, we are aware of the importance of time management and planning. Like any project you have handled before, you need to schedule your preparation efficiently to be ready for the examination.

Generally, 100-150 hours of preparation is enough to make you ready for the exam. Therefore, you can plan the entire course work according to this time-period and manage your preparation according to your daily routine.

Before you begin your planning, consider reviewing the PMI-ACP Handbook available on PMI’s website. The document serves as a comprehensive guideline for anyone who wants to know the course outline for the PMI ACP exam. Furthermore, by following the suggestions given in the handbook, you will increase your chances of succeeding in the examination.

Utilize the PMI-ACP Examination Content Outline

Like the PMI-ACP Handbook, the Examination Content Outline is a document published by PMI itself on its website. It includes detailed information on all the study material and domains you have to study for the PMI ACP exam.

You can read about the necessary agile techniques and tools, which can appear in the exam. Furthermore, the document consists of additional information about the skills and knowledge needed to pass the PMI-ACP exam. Having a detailed content online can help you focus on topics essential and skip additional study material that many study guides and reference books contain.

Attend PMI-ACP Training

PMI ACP training is a pre-requisite for the PMI ACP examination and a candidate is not eligible for the exam unless they acquire it. This is why attending the 21 PDU training for the PMI ACP is essential to succeed.

With that said, PMI enforced the requirement for training for a good reason. ACP training plays a fundamental role in helping you revisit the core foundations of the agile methodology and master its principles, techniques, tools, and practices. However, you need to invest your complete attention and focus while you attend these training lectures.

At the same time, it is mandatory to trust a reliable PMI ACP training institute that offers you sufficient learning opportunities. The things you learn from these training sessions can help you understand concepts you couldn’t have comprehended from self-studying.

Furthermore, pursuing ACP training in a classroom environment can help prepare for the exam in an interactive manner. It is the best approach if you want to clear the exam in a single attempt.

Since the class follows a strict schedule, you would need to adjust yourself to the routine and thus; dedicate more time and effort during the classes. At the same time, you wouldn’t have to worry about setting the pace of study for the exam, establishing a course outline and planning topics for yourself. PMI ACP training from a reliable provider is the best way to establish a strong foundation of Agile.

Refer PMI-ACP Exam Prep Books

The PMI ACP exam prep books are another incredibly useful resource that aspiring candidates can benefit from. These resources are often referred to as study guides and play a crucial role in filling knowledge gaps left in your mind.

Reading in Atlanta
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It is not always possible to pay complete attention to the lectures taught in the class. A number of people miss out on important points during lectures due to the lack of attention. However, the study guides offered by PMI ACP training services can serve as reliable handbooks to fill in the gaps in your understanding of Agile.

Furthermore, these study guides have additional information that extends on the foundational concepts of agile and enhances your understanding of the methodology. However, to access these study guides, you need to enroll in a program that offers you all reference books and study preps you need to pass the ACP exam.

Dedicate Time to Practice Tests

Practice tests are the best way to assess the depth of knowledge and command you have over a certain subject. Sometimes, memorizing source material is not enough and continuously reading concepts and formulas does not help. Unless you test your knowledge with a series of tests and practice the things you learn; all your preparation can go to waste.

There are a number of practice questions available on the internet for testing your knowledge before the PMI ACP exam. Although the PMI website offers various questions itself, you should consider testing your knowledge on a variety of other sources.

It’s essential to attempt as many practice tests just to be safe. However, you need to make sure that all the questions you attend are updated and include the core concepts of the agile methodology. Furthermore, each practice test you attempt should have 50 questions at the very least.

Once you are done learning an individual topic, consider taking a practice test and evaluate how much you have really learned. By following this technique, you would be able to detect the knowledge gaps you have and develop a deeper understanding of core concepts. Once you recognize your mistakes, it would be much easier to improve.

Passing the PMI ACP exam in your first go is no easy. However, if you choose the right ACP training course, dedicate time and effort studying and practice your foundational knowledge of the Agile Methodology, you will pass the examination with ease.

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