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Slow and Steady Win the Race.

We understand that life happens, and sometimes students are unable to take the exam while the course material is still fresh in their mind, so our classroom doors are always open to both former students and those who ask permission to sit in on a class to see if it’s to their liking.

There are always additional seats for former PMP Exam Prep students who wish to audit the course. Naturally, this is free of charge. It is worth pointing out however that the PMP Exam is based on the present edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge, or PMBOK. And should the edition of the PMBOK change, hence causing the course material to change with it, it will be up to the student to pay for the new editions’ materials used in the course.

An incentive and added bonus to taking our PMP Exam Prep class:

The privilege of sitting in the new edition class is still free. Once a student’s name is in our database they are allowed to audit our PMP Exam Prep course as often and as many times as they wish, until they finally obtain their PMP credential.

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Value for You! Not Convinced the PMP Is Right For You?

The Project Management Institute, or PMI, in 2013 performed a study to see which college degree(s) was the most closely correlated to the Project Management Professional, or PMP, credential. They found that the closest degree, regardless of what school it was from, that had identical increases in pay and benefits was a Masters Degree in Business Administration or MBA. This is astonishing!

It takes an average of two years to earn an MBA at any collegiate institution, but we teach the PMP Exam Prep Course in just 4-5 weeks, and during hours where you, a professional, can most easily attend with your busy work schedule. The PMI has also found that anyone who gets a PMP, regardless of their current profession, has greater job security, is highly marketable for better and higher positions of employ, and become indispensable.

For this reason, we make it affordable for ANYONE on ANY budget to be able to take this class. We know there is never a “perfect” time to take on any difficult task and trust us when we say that this material is not easy. The national pass rate for the PMP Exam is 51%. But fear not, because we have the highest pass rate not only in Texas but of any company in the United States. Our students all pass the PMP Exam the first time they sit for it and take it. And there is no asterisk by that fact. We’re batting 100%.

We’ve taught government workers of all trades, contractors of all industries, students of all ages, and people of vast professions. You do NOT have to be a Project Manager to earn this priceless credential.

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